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Cynthia Simmons digs deep into how to reveal and identify the purpose of our lives.
Purposely Unemployable makes you aware of your authentic life purpose and how you can change the entire direction of your life simply by understanding what you were designed to do in life.

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Giveaways From Book

How Will This Book Help Me?

Attract your ideal lifestyle
This book will teach you how to identify your life’s true purpose and manifest and attract the lifestyle you deserve.

Increase your wealth potential
Once your true destiny and purpose are revealed, you will know how to use them to their optimum and create an income with them that can change your entire life.

Reveal your career destiny
Your life’s purpose has always been inside of you, recognizing it and creating your career destiny with it can make you purposely unemployable.


About Author


Why The Author Wrote This Book

Cynthia was told in 2009 that her life expectancy was 6 months.

She had been battling four different cancer for many years, and during that time was fired from two amazing jobs due to cancer.

She felt as though she was no longer an asset to society, but had become a liability.

So she decided to follow her life passion, and purpose and she hired herself. 

Cynthia told herself "If I hire me “I Won’t Fire Me”.

It was during that time that she discovered her life purpose due to those life challenges. Realizing it was there all the time, what she discovered was that everyone has a life purpose, but most fail to recognize it.

 With a deep passion in her heart, she went on a mission to help others find their true life calling.


It was based on what she unveiled during her life battles, that it became clear that anyone can be purposely employed into their own destiny.  She became the messenger, knowing the fastest way to get the message out was to write a book to share with the world how that was possible for them also.

 The title of the book was for those who wanted a life career they would never fire themselves from, one that was based on their life purpose and becoming “Purposely Unemployable” from any other person or entity. Knowing in their hearts they too could say “I Won’t Fire Me” if they employed themselves.  Now they were Purposely Employed based on a life purpose and a choice.  


What People Are Saying About The Author

   I wrote the forward to this book, and I would highly recommend the book and Cynthia for any speaking venue; she has an amazing story and can inspire and motivate a crowd. She is also certified through my Power Voice Speaker program


Les Brown
World’s Leading
Motivational Speaker

Cynthia always puts the individual person first, and enjoys achieving success through helping others succeed, her attitude is simply "if they succeed, I will succeed", Cynthia is the servant leader in action. I recommend Cynthia to

anybody for anything.


Ben Lomeli
Senior Business Development Specialist

I recently had the privilege of listening to one of Cynthia‘s talks. Cynthia is a powerful, passionate speaker that knows how to motivate her audience to take action. I would highly recommend her for any keynote or breakout opportunity!


Robert Carrow
Professional Speaker

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The Book Bonus

links to the FREE Ebook

Is My DNA Preventing My Success?

By Cynthia Simmons



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